Walking Movements

How to design for walking in everyday life?

In an early phase of the design process, designers need to characterize the conditions that frame the actor’s behavior and model the emerging phases of the activity that form the trajectory of experience. Walking-Phrases is a process model of everyday walking that builds on the change of the walker’s movements to derive contextual information.

“With walking phrases the course of walking in everyday life can be subdivided into a series of units, each framing a meaningful experiential building block of ordinary walking. Changing from one walking phrase to another, the walker corporally encounters changing conditions, while attaining the goal of reaching the target destination.”

Hajinejad, N., Roque, L., Grüter, B. (2017) Walking Phrases: Modeling the Walker’s Context for Sonic Interaction Design. In Proc of Audio Mostly ’17, New York, USA, pp. 202-208.

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