Interactive Sounds

As an interaction designer, I have a passion for use of sonic feedback. I am fascinated by the subtle and implicit forms in which human experiences can be affected by sonic properties and structures that dynamically evolve in runtime.

Interactive systems that track the user’s physical activity and respond with sonic feedback in real time open a wide range of possibilities to design for the experience of daily activities. To implement and study interactive sound, I use the open source programming environment Pure Data. Pure Data supports real-time audio synthesis and dynamic modification of parameters. This way it provides designers a tool to implement interactive sound in an exploratory manner.

Prototyping interactive sounds with PureData.

“in order to inform the design of mobile sonic interactions, designers need to experience from a first- person perspective the interplay of sound, body movement and context. “

Hajinejad, N., Grüter, B., Roque, L. (2017) Prototyping Sonic Interaction for Walking. In Proc. of MobileHCI ’17, New York, USA: ACM, pp. 98:1–98:8.

“Pure Data is an open source visual programming environment that runs on anything from personal computers to embedded devices (ie Raspberry Pi) and smartphones (via libpd, DroidParty (Android), and PdParty (iOS).